Jony Ivy Has Not Worked On Apple Watch, Says Designer

A bit of an interesting twist. It appears that the new hire Marc Newson is responsible for how the Apple Watch looks and feels, not Jonathan Ivy, as many had believed.

Jony Ivy as he is known is the one credit for almost all of Apple’s industrial designs.

But according to this interview, the revered Brit is not behind the wearable.

Brooklyn based industrial designer Bradley Price is the founder of Autodromo, a company in the business of making watches, sunglasses and driving gloves. Price knows a good design when he sees it, and he has recognized the signature of another designer on the Apple Watch.

When asked, this is what he replied, without hesitation:

“It’s beautiful. As someone who designs consumer electronics and watches, the more I looked at it the more impressed I was. It’s got Marc Newson’s fingerprints all over it.”

Obviously, Marc Newson was hired by the Cupertino based company this year, even though the news was kept under wraps. It only broke out mere days before the Apple Watch was unveiled.

As Price continues:

“It’s clearly something he designed rather than Jony Ive. It’s funny they announced he was working with them after the watch. But to me that was the Apple way of underhandedly giving him credit for the design without actually saying he designed it. But it seemed to me very Marc Newson.”

Hmm, the plot thickens.

When you think of it though, the Apple Watch does look a fair bit different than other products from the company. Out of place, even. It is a lot more rounded, and uses different materials than the ones that Apple usually uses. It’s certainly got a different design philosophy going.

Quite unlike the iPad Nano type appearance that many were expecting, or anticipating.

Regardless, Ivy and Newson are now partners, with the former calling Marc one of the most influential designers of this generation. Both are friends and have collaborated on products before.

The big question is whether Newson put in more work into the wearable than Ivy. And if so, then why is he not doing more media appearances, unlike Jony Ivy and his Vanity Fair interview. Big question, indeed, when you think about it.

  • Vance Vance

    His name is Ive, not Ivy.